5 tips to hone your SUP surfing

Welcome to the first of a series of smaller blogs we will be doing looking at our motivations and learning on our adventures. I have recently been focusing on my paddle board technique, particularly efficient paddle stroke and upping my surf skills. I have sat on my computer, researching and reading a heap of top 5’s and […]

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Sunova Beach

Hey, so I know things have been quiet on here for a while. I’d like to say that it was because we’ve been so busy having adventures. Although we have had some, this is not the reason. In all honesty, I have been feeling a little uninspired recently, having had a few disappointing surf trips […]

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The Butterfly Effect…

What makes a good surf session? Is there the perfect recipe? For some the answer is pretty simple, good waves obviously! I have been asking myself this very question recently. Partly because of the lack of surf we have had this year and partly due to a session I had where everything said it shouldn’t have been any good but I was still stoked at the end. The conditions were not as forecast, there was almost no swell, the wind was stronger than predicted and blowing on shore and the tide was way out. I will call this session la mariposa, it was less than ideal but still we had a go and surprised ourselves.  On my drive home I was trying to pinpoint what made it so good and what makes a good session in general. I came up with a few key ideas that are all connected – ingredients if you will.

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Busy Busy Busy…

It’s been a while since we’ve added anything on to our blog. Things have been getting rather busy at the daddyboards home ranch. We’ve been hard at work not only in our day jobs but on our house and future planning. We are close to finishing the extension and getting our house back to being […]

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I Thought You Could Only Surf in Cornwall?

“You must be crazy!” “Isn’t it cold?” “Are there any waves here?”

Just some of the responses you get when you tell people you are a surfer (even a paddle surfer), let alone telling them you surf in Kent. Unless you live in a surf town it seems the average person still thinks of surfing as a sport that is limited to far off lands with constant sun and waves. There’s something special about being a Kent surfer though. Something that is difficult to explain and verbalize but I’m going to give it a go… with some help from my fellow surfers.

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An Ireland in the Sun

It’s been nearly five weeks since we returned from Ireland and boy has it flown by. I was planning to write this blog the minute we returned, however, working full time and having the surge of bank holidays meant more surf trips and not much time in between! What can we say about Ireland other […]

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Spring has sprung

Hi, my name is Louise. Or perhaps in this context Step mumma-boards. One thing I’ve realised this month is that I’m a bit like a plant. .. Well, in that I’m powered by the sun. (So in that analogy, I could also be a lizard or a tortoise.) But what I actually mean is that […]

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